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The Mind's Eclipse

Explore a fallen utopia. Find your loved ones. Beware COSy. · By The Mind's Eclipse


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Join the Eclipse for Even Less!
Hey Everyone! It's been nearly a year and a half since the release of The Mind's Eclipse. Today, we are lowering the price of the game permanently to $2.99! :-...
Scary Game vs Horror Game
Scary Game vs Horror Game As Halloween approaches, I reflect on the beginnings of The Mind’s Eclipse and how a horror game became a sad story of a family wres...
Spring Sale!!!
Hey! To celebrate Donald's talk at ECGC this week, The Mind's Eclipse is on sale! Now 40% off!
COSy Valentine Sale
Not in the mood for romance or dating games? Well, COSy still loves you. Pick up The Mind's Eclipse. 30% off. This Valentine's Day!
More Great Press!
"The Mind's Eclipse is basically a System Shock game reimagined as a visual novel" - PC Gamer
Come see the great things people are saying about The Mind's Eclipse!
Here is our first press round-up for The Mind's Eclipse. People have some great things to say about the game so far! "The Mind’s Eclipse is a phenomenal visua...
The Eclipse has arrived!
Hey Everyone! The Mind's Eclipse is out now! Grab it here:
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Final Teaser Trailer!
We just released our final teaser trailer! Only 7 more days to go until release!